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Tabitha Bradley is the author of “Arcadia”,“Ravished!” and “Enticed!” from Renaissance E-Books. She writes science fiction, fantasy, erotica and Wiccan and Gaming non-fiction.
She is a member of the Dark Romance Writers Group and EPIC Authors.
Her current projects include the upcoming “Diranda: Tales from the Fifth Quadrant” to be released in December, 2004 by REB.
The contemporary dark romance story, “Once In A Blue Moon”, along with the Dirandan Chronicles story “A Walk On The Beach” are appearing in the Dark Romance anthology,
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What are the things to understand before selling to schools?


When you’re thinking about selling the schools, you have to understand that it is much more difficult in selling to any other private institution of the. That is why, you have to understand a few things about selling to schools and once you are able to understand these points, it would become much more easier for you.

1. The 1st thing which you have to keep in mind is that the decision at the school level and at the management level of the school or not they can quickly enough as well. That is why, if you want to sell them something the secular media, you have to approach them in the academic year before that. Same is the case with any other educational institutes such as nursery as well.
Therefore, if you are able to give them a lot of time, then you can be sure that a proper decision would be taken as well. If you’re approaching the the last moment, then the proper decision would not be taken in the decision would not be taken in time as well and therefore it would be getting delayed to the next academic year as well which is actually quite a lot of time.

That is why, it is important for you to understand the pace at which most of the school take these decision and therefore provide with more than enough time as well.
2. You need to also understand that most of the teachers as well as the management of the school are quite busy as well. This is due to the fact, that they have to continuously juggle a lot of roles as well and therefore whenever you’re making them, you have to take a minimum amount of time. When you’re able to do that, then you would be able to automatically understand that you would be able to get the appointments but if you’re taking there are a lot of time, they would not be giving you the appointments quite easily as well.

3. You need to understand that most of the schools of the short-term budget. That is why, when you’re looking at the schools, you have to make them understand how they would be saving money or this is a better deal than the current deals which they are making as well.
So, if you’re thinking about selling to schools, these are the things which you have to always keep in mind and thereafter, it would become much more easier for you to understand how to sell to schools as well.